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Recent REL Network News

Study Reports Interesting Findings About Bullying & Victimization in grades 4-7

This recent REL study cites that girls resort to bullying and victimization just as much as boys but that they do it in a much less aggressive and overt way.

Southeast Laboratory Proposes Florida High School Reform

The Southeast REL has analyzed the effects of the 2007 Career and Professional Education Act. The findings of the study suggest that Florida's high schools could use more than the minimum of one career academy per district.

Northwest Laboratory Reports No Benefit To Sixth Grade Literacy Software

A controlled trial of the sixth grade program Thinking Reader found that the software is ineffective at improving reading achievement and motivation. Thinking Reader is a program developed to spur sixth grader's interest and achievement in reading.

4, April 2011 How well equipped are southwest U.S. teachers to instruct students with disabilities?
A study performed in the southwest laboratory examined the current teaching techniques that teachers use to educate students with special needs.

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