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What is the RELNetwork?

The Regional Educational Laboratories (REL) Network has 10 facilities across the nation and ensures that those involved in education on local, state and regional levels have access to the most recent research information.
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RELNetwork has the support of the U.S. Department of Education and focuses on the following goals:

  • Conducts applied research to develop a model for systematic education reform.

  • Provides the state and local communities with information to implement new school improvement strategies.

  • Creates communities of learners who can contribute to the laboratories' efforts.

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16, May 2012 eCommerce Software Internship

We are always interested in learning process. If any people are interested we have recently worked with a technology company called Lead Commerce which provides ecommerce website software for small to mid-sized businesses. They have offered to provide a paid internship for people living in San Diego. For more information on the internship program.

7, March 2012 No Gym? Use Home Exercise Equipment Instead

With childhood obesity levels skyrocketing, it's more important than ever before to be fitness conscious. The use of home exercise equipment can help children and parents alike stay fit. Children who are being home schooled don't have access to the school gymnasiums and are more likely to have weight problems. However, when given access to equipment at home, that can change.

Children need a way to work out. If they don't have a gym to work out in, adding gym equipment to a spare room can give them the atmosphere needed to burn more calories and get in shape. They will drop any extra weight and build muscles through daily activities on the various machines.

Whether it's a weight bench, rowing machine, treadmill or other piece of exercise equipment, it can make a dramatic difference in children. It's not only great for those who are being home schooled. It can also give children the edge they need in school. By using the equipment, they can become more self-confident about their abilities and perform better in front of their peers.

All kids need some form of regular fitness. School gym class is a natural way to get moving but some kids simply don't have the access. Others are fearful of trying out things for the first time in front of their peers. For these children, home exercise equipment can be just what they need to burn calories.

29, May 2011 Moving? Find homes for sale in the best public school districts.

Those seeking Dallas homes for sale are in a good position to find deals right now since Dallas real estate is currently experiencing a strong buyer's market, prices are still low and there's plenty from which to choose. Naturally, when looking at various Dallas houses for sale, prospective buyers are concerned with more than just the house itself. Neighborhood amenities, transportation and available schools may all play a part in any home buying decision.

Finding the most appropriate of Dallas Homes for Sale has become easy and even fun with so many well-designed Internet sites offering aid. It helps to have a hard-working agent, too, who can steer you to the best Dallas homes for sale and has an inside knowledge about things like where to find the best local learning institutions. For families with children, finding the area with the best schools may be a top priority.

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14, May 2011 Why trade schools can be a strong alternative to 4-year universities.

A trade school, a common alternative to an institution of higher learning such as college, is a place to learn a trade or develop a skill set necessary to pursue a particular occupation. Also known as a vocational school, a trade school is normally post-secondary education, although some vocational training is available at certain high schools.

For those with an idea of what profession they would like to enter, vocational training can be preferable to a more traditional liberal arts education. Areas such as healthcare, culinary arts, mechanics, electronics, IT and technology, massage therapy, cosmetology, paralegal and many others are best served by specific coursework focused in each particular area of activity. Training can be intense and of a relatively short duration, giving the student the skills and certifications necessary to getting out into the job market and earning money without having to complete a two or four year curriculum.

4, April 2011 How well equipped are southwest U.S. teachers to instruct students with disabilities?
A study performed in the southwest laboratory examined the current teaching techniques that teachers use to educate students with special needs.

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